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Do I need to pay for the car reservation in advance?

Prepayment is not required when booking a car. Payment is made on the spot upon signing the contract at the office of the company or at the address that will be provided for car delivery. Nevertheless, we ask you to responsibly plan your car rental and warn us in time about any changes in plans or the cancellation of the lease.

How and where to order the car?

You can order a car on the alin.ua website via the order form, by calling +38 098 777 16 00 (Viber and WhatsApp, Telegram), simply by writing an e-mail: lviv@alin.ua. The fastest way to make a request is through the alin.ua website 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Can I give the car to a third person?

Giving a car to a third person without warning our manager is prohibited. We will include in the rental agreement several additional drivers if at the time of transfer of the car we will be provided with their driver's licenses and passports. This service is paid extra.

What kind of payment do you provide?

You can pay for car rental both in cash and with a bank card (Visa, MasterCard).

How to get a discount?

Rent a car for the long term. Become a regular customer of our company. Nice bonuses are waiting for you from the second rent.

I want to take a car in one city and return it to another city, is this possible?

This may be a "one-way" service, and it will be extra paid, check with us the cost of the service by indicating the city of receipt and the city of return of the car.

O jakie dodatkowe opłaty mogę zostać poproszony przy zwrocie samochodu?

Such extra payments may ask for:

  • Pay for dry cleaning - leftovers from drinks, chocolate…. in the car.
  • Payment for over mileage - the conditions of the mileage are discussed when drawing up the rental contract.
  • Payment for damage to the car, if they were made during the rental period and were not reported to the police and manager of ours company.
  • Payment for fuel, or rather its shortage (we issue cars with a full tank).
  • Car wash fee if you return the car dirty (we give the cars clean inside and outside).

What to do if an accident happened?

If there was an accident:

1. Do not leave the scene of the accident under any circumstances.

2. Call our manager +38 098 777 16 00 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram).

3. Be sure to call the police.

4. Wait for the documents to be processed by the patrol, you will receive a report on the incident from the Police.

What should I do if my car breaks down?

Be sure to immediately notify the manager of our company by phone +38 098 777 16 00. We undertake to provide technical assistance to the customer or quick repairs (if possible). If the repair takes a long time, we will provide the customer with a replacement car.

The deposit was not returned to my card and the bank said that you had charged it, I took your car and returned it to you a couple of days ago. Where is my money?

We do not charge money on the deposit but block it. And upon return of the car, we will unlock the money within 24 hours and provide you with a receipt from the terminal and/or a certificate of acceptance of the car. As a rule, the deposit is returned to your card either instantly or within 2-3 working days but not more than 30 days - depending on your bank.

Do you return the deposit immediately?

We refund the deposit upon return of the car if you returned it clean, and we have the opportunity to inspect for new damages. Otherwise, we will be able to return the money after the car is washed, making sure that there are no new damages, but not later than 24 hours after the return of the car.

Do you keep documents for the rental period?

No, we only make a scanned copy or photo of the documents when drawing up the contract.

I am a US citizen, can I use the rental service?

Yes, you can use it, but in addition to the national driver's license, you must also have an international one, Is an International Driving License or an International Driving Permit.

Which driver's license is suitable for car rental?

We accept any license of any country, but the driver's license must be duplicated in Latin letters and the presence of category "B" is required. For driving licenses from the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, some Arab countries, and other South American countries, you must have a driving permit abroad (international driver's license).

Is the car insured? Do I have to pay extra for insurance?

The standard car rental rate includes motor third-party liability insurance. This type of insurance risk includes limiting customers in the security deposit (deposit for the car or franchise). The amount of the deposit depends on the class of car (from 300 to 1000 euros). It is also possible, for an additional fee, to take out insurance with zero deductible.

Why should I leave a deposit for the car, and is it necessary to do so?

The deposit for the car is a deductible, ie the amount that will not be paid by the insurance company in case of an accident, so this amount will be covered by the deposit by the customer. But in the case of insurance with zero deductible, you leave a fuel deposit, in case the car returns with an incomplete tank, we will deduct the difference from it.

Is it possible to rent a car without a deposit?

Of course, but when renting a car for three days! You leave only a fuel deposit. You get a rental car with a full tank. You must return a car with the same amount of fuel, or we will deduct the surcharge for the lack of deposit.

Jakie opony w samochodach?

In the summertime - summer tires, in winter - winter. Our cars are always worn according to the season.