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Lease terms

How to book a car?  

  1. You can book a car through the order form on the Alin website.   
  2. Call or write to us +380 (98) 777 16 00 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS)  
  3. Write to us by e-mail e-mail alin.lviv@gmail.com  
  4. Directly in the company's offices.  

Driver requirement  

Driver's age from 23 years, driving experience from 3 years.  

List of documents  

  1. Citizen's passport.   
  2. Category “B” driver's license (which operates on the territory of Ukraine), and International Driving License for the USA citizens.  
  3. Driving experience - 3 years, if you have changed your driver's license, there must be a mark of driving experience (is placed opposite the "B" category or simply anywhere on the driver's license)  
  4. Manager may request additional identity documents. For example, a registered bank card etc.  

The final decision on renting a car is made by the manager after personal contact with the customer and presentation of original documents.   

Issuance and return of the car  

When issued, the car is provided clean, in a standard complete set** and with a full tank. In the presence of the customer the act of inspection of the vehicle is filled in, all remarks on the car, mileage, quantity of fuel are fixed. In case of return of the car and absence of remarks, surcharge for washing and fuel is not required, in other cases, the tenant pays for the service of refueling and / or washing of the car according to the established tariffs. The car rental day ends 24 hours after the actual receipt of the car.  

**Standard equipment of a car: spare wheel, wheel wrench, towing hook, red emergency stop sign, first aid kit, extinguisher, tires by season (winter / summer).  

In case of any unplanned situations (Accident, damage, theft, car breakdown, etc.) the client must immediately notify the landlord by number: +38 098 777 16 00.  

Car insurance  

All cars are insured against civil liability risks (CTP); All cars are insured against theft/damage/death (Comprehensive Cover) with the responsibility of the Lessee within the deposit for the car. Reducing liability for insurance cases to zero - an additional service (Super Top Cover LDW), paid at the request of the Lessee when concluding the contract in accordance with the established tariffs;  

In which cases Super Top Cover LDW does not work:  

  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or drugs that reduce the reaction  
  2. Use of the car in special modes: taxis, races, towing by the car of trailers or cars, educational driving.  
  3. Loss of keys, technical passport for the car.  
  4. Driving or transferring driving to a person without a driver's license or with a license without category "B", as well as to persons not specified in the lease agreement.  
  5. Escape or leaving the scene, chase, committing an intentional crime in a car.  
  6. Steal a car if the keys and documents are not left with the driver (that is, the voluntary transfer or leaving of documents and / or keys that led to the abduction).  

Mileage limit  

The basic car rental rate includes a mileage limit of 350 km per day, mileage is summed up for the entire rental period;   

Mileage is paid additionally, in accordance with the established tariffs;   

При оренді автомобіля від 3 діб - пробіг безлімітний.  

Fuel policy  

Our cars are filled to the brim, with the same amount you return the car. If there is not enough fuel, payment for fuel is made according to the tariffs of Okko filling stations.  

We recommend filling cars with A-95 gasoline, in diesel cars - diesel fuel according to the season.  

Area of operation  

Travel outside Ukraine and to the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is prohibited without prior written permission from Alin.  

Payment methods  

Cash upon receipt of the car, VISA or MasterCard payment card. Bank transfer. Payment from legal entities is accepted only by cashless payment (excluding VAT). The amount of payment is specified in the contract.  

Rental payment  

In all cases, 100% prepayment is made. If the car is returned earlier, the recalculation is performed. After the expiration of the contract, it can be extended at the request of the Lessee. When extending the lease term, payment is also made in advance.  


100% of the deposit is paid by the customer when signing the contract. The amount of the deposit depends on the class of the rented car. The amount of the deposit can be reduced by purchasing an additional liability reduction option: Super Top Cover LDW. The deposit is made either in cash or by blocking the deposit on the Tenant's credit card.  

Where and when?  

Issuance and return of the car are possible:  

  1. at Alin rental points during business hours (from 8.00 to 19.00 from Mon. to Sat.)  
  2. at the customer’s address (paid service)  
  3. during non-working hours in the office and at the customers address (paid service)