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Kyiv is not just the capital of Ukraine, it is one of its largest megacities, which is becoming more and more popular not only among Ukrainians but also for foreign guests.

Kyiv is a city of life, where every day you can see thousands of cars and buses, millions of pedestrians and cyclists, and hundreds of confused tourists who are in a hurry to understand the area.

In a big city, the issue of moving on it is always acute, which is why car rental in Kyiv is an extremely popular and necessary service for both residents and guests of the city.

Car rental is relevant for you if:

- You have planned an incredible trip with family or friends, and your car is a little out of size. definitely suitable car that will save you money and give an unforgettable experience

- Your car is only in the plans to buy, or is at the service station, car rental in Kyiv will easily solve this problem and allow you to stay mobile always

- You are a new tourist looking for vivid impressions and comfort, and with a rented car from Alin, the trip will be filled with great emotions.

Why Alin?

Car rental in Kyiv from Alin is a choice towards a comfortable life and movement. Alin, unlike other rental companies, provides a number of related services, such as child seats, navigators, electric scooters, pet carriers, which will greatly facilitate your trip by car and make it much more comfortable. You also have the opportunity to order an additional driver so that you can safely solve important issues and not get away from your work, even on the road. Car rental in Kyiv is guaranteed to make your life easier and free you from unnecessary thoughts. That's right, you no longer need to wait for a trolleybus or study confusing maps of public transport, because with your own rented car you are completely independent and free to move.

How long is the car rental procedure in Kyiv?

We are glad to inform you that the process of renting a car in Kyiv from Alin will take a few minutes. All you need to do is book a car on the website or by phone number, come to the office with a passport and driver's license, fill out a car rental agreement and become at least a temporary, but no less happy owner of the dream car.

What are the main conditions of car rental in Kyiv from Alin?

So, we can safely say that the conditions of car rental in the city of Kmevi from Alin are quite simple. To rent the car of your dreams you need:

- Driver's license with at least 2 years of experience

- Achieving 23 years

- Passport of a citizen of Ukraine, or foreign passport

- Identification code (only for citizens of Ukraine)