Alin Assistance Service

Many cases, many calls, important meetings, serious negotiations? In a huge to-do list, no time at all for your four-wheeled iron friend? After all, it also needs attention. We want your life to be comfortable, so that you have the opportunity to do your favorite things, which is why we have developed a unique customer service program - personal service consultant Alin Assistance.

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What is included?

Special services


Registration of a car for repair or maintenance


Selection of auto parts according to your wishes (used, new)


Car insurance


Registration of the policy of civil liability


Tow truck order


Car sale


The main principle of the company's work is not just car service, but the result and grateful regular customers! Thanks to it you will be able to save your time and nerves. Forget about endless queues and centuries of lost time.

The program gives you the opportunity to solve all technical issues without leaving home or office. Just one call and here is a personal service consultant coming to your aid.