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Alin knows how to surprise!

Special only with Alin! We are ready to present to your attention a unique and extreme helicopter flight service!
That's right, impossible - possible!
Probably each of us as a child dreamed of flying and seeing completely familiar places from a completely unusual angle, from a bird's eye view. That's right, about 9 billion birds see the world and that's how you can see it!

Mysterious areas of your hometown, where your unforgettable childhood took place, or maybe a village where you frequently spent summer vacations and had fun with your grandparents? The charming slopes of the Ukrainian Carpathian or perhaps cozy holiday towns for walks? A romantic date, a fantastic break with friends or a business trip? What is relevant for you?
A real helicopter flight service is available especially for Alin customers!
Complete your life with unreal impressions that will be remembered forever! Look at the world as no one sees it! All this, and even more, it is possible to barely turn on the imagination, and the team of Alin specialists will help to realize it! Arrange your unforgettable day and let all children's dreams come true!
Turn the world upside down and believe in an incredible miracle with Alin!


The rate of a helicopter flight MI 2:
20 minutes - $450*
30 minutes - $630*
45 minutes - $850*
1 hour -$1150*

*payment is made in national currency at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the date of payment.

Important detail: this price includes the possibility of flying for 6 people, including children aged 5 and older, accompanied by close relatives.