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Where to go by car in western Ukraine?





What could be better than regulating where to go first and which place to leave for a snack ?! When planning a trip with your own car, you always need to carefully plan everything: route, stops, lunches and how to get the maximum experience in a minimum of time.


The first place of this stop is, of course, beautiful and already liked by many travellers – the city of Lviv! You can walk along with it a lot along narrow but so beautiful streets that you can simply get lost in time! And what coffee is there!!! It’s just a paradise for coffee lovers! You can drop in one after another coffee shop and enjoy the author’s recipe for your favourite coffee. It is especially pleasant to walk in these surroundings in spring when the most incredible festivals and holidays take place.


When you don’t have your own car, you can rent a car in Lviv Alin. The car rental company provides a full range of All-inclusive services, as the name of the brand says, and at an affordable price. An important point is a large private car park for every taste.
25 mini sculptures


The beautiful river Uzh is immediately associated with the name of the city of Uzhgorod. The subtle scent of Sakura and the picturesque embankment are certainly mentioned in my head. And after visiting Uzhgorod, you must definitely find 25 mini-sculptures that are scattered around the city so that it is interesting and funny for tourists to move to a new place and go through a kind of quest! Each of these mini-sculptures represents an important event or is dedicated to a specific person.


It is impossible to forget these beautiful Carpathians, the singing of birds, and the breath of the fresh breeze! The pearl of the Carpathians is Truskavets! Many people come here for miraculous mineral water to heal and improve the body. There are a lot of sanatoriums and recreation centres here. But after visiting the city, one cannot fail to visit the famous Bilas Museum, which flaunts many unique paintings and handmade carpets.


Yaremche is a candy of the Carpathians. Travelling along the mountain route of the Dovbush Trail, it is simply impossible not to admire nature and beauty of this area. Be sure to visit the Probiy waterfall. From a height of 20 meters, you can admire the mountain cliffs and the bubbling river.


rent a car in Ivano-Frankivsk


The fortress gallery Bastion is an old monument of Ivano-Frankivsk. The fortress was built in 1662 and has been preserved in excellent condition to this day. Having visited this cosy city, you need to look into the interesting restaurant Urban Space – this is an original place with original history. When the restaurant was opened, 100 founders financed it in equal shares, and from the main profit, now it is the founders who finance projects to improve the city.


How to see the ship-house?


Oh, these Chernivtsi! The beautiful and powerful house-ship immediately comes to mind! This is a house that soars through the streets of the city like a dolphin splashing in the sea – it fits so beautifully into the flavour of picturesque Chernivtsi. And at 12:00 at the Town Hall, a man in a national costume plays a melody from the song “Marichka” on the trumpet.


You don’t need to have your own car to visit these fabulous places. Arriving in any city that has sunk into the soul, you can rent a car as a great alternative to your car. Car rental is a great offer for those who like to spend their leisure time interestingly and tastefully.


How beautiful our Ukraine is! “Life is either a desperate adventure or nothing” – Helen Keller.