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Transfer to Truskavets





car rental with a driver



   Toyota Avensis :

   Hourly transfer – 300 uah./hour

   (min. 2 hours )

   Transter our of the city  – 6 uah./km

   Airport – hotel –  350 uah.




   Mercedes E class:

   Hourly transfer – 450 uah./hour

   (min. 2 hours )

   Transter our of the city  – 9 uah./km

   Airport – hotel –  1000 uah.




  Mercedes S class:

  Hourly transfer – 1200 uah./hour

  (min. 2 hours )

  Transter our of the city  – 25 uah./km

   Airport – hotel –  3000 uah.




   Mercedes  V   class:

   Hourly transfer – 550 uah./hour

   (min. 2 hours )

   Transter our of the city  – 25 uah./km

   Airport – hotel –  1100 uah.




Western Ukraine boasts of one of its most renowned resort towns. The fame of Truskavets mineral waters has spread beyond the borders of Ukraine. "Naftusia" water is the most popular variety that aids in metabolism normalization and immune system strengthening when consumed. The naming of the water is not arbitrary as the region is known for extracting not only water but also genuine oil. Simultaneously with the development of the Carpathian oil fields, there was a surge of interest in the therapeutic benefits of water. Amidst the Truskavets mountains, one can spot both functional and deserted oil pumps used for extraction. By availing a transfer service from Alin, you can conveniently and expeditiously reach the renowned fabled city, revel in the therapeutic qualities of its celebrated water, and relish the breathtaking vistas en route. Acquire novel insights with Alin!