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Service VIP 1+







Attention !

New ALIN service !

Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to present you a new curiosity of our rental company, which will seriously save your budget and will be pleasant to comfort regardless of your mood.

From now on the VIP 1+ service is available in Alin.
We assure you, it's very cool, so let's explain to you.
VIP 1+ (very interesting price) is a special category in Alin prices, which provides a unique, reduced price for car rental for any period from 1 to 29 days.

So, how to become a member of the club? There are two options.
Option 1:
After renting from Alin for only 20 days, you automatically become a member of the VIP 1+ club.
Option 2:
You can buy a company card for a VIP 1+ club member from Alin and automatically become a member. The cost of such a miracle card is only 3000 UAH.

Call, book and become a VIP with Alin.

+38 098 777 16 00