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Білий автомобіль BMW 3








Hello car lovers! Did you ordered a BMW?


We all know about the eternal struggle between BMW fans and other world-famous brands. But, as peopley say, do not judge until you try! Namely, you can now experience and feel the quality of BMW at Alin!


Did you know that?


- BMW This is one of the few car companies that does not use robots in factories. The whole assembly process on the assembly line is only manual.


- The BMW logo was originally a white propeller against the sky;


- BMW motto "with pleasure behind the wheel".


🥇Did you know that the BMW 3 generation has won the top cars, the number of sales of which is simply outrageous.



The upgraded sedan has excellent aerodynamic performance. The basis is a platform model CLAR with front MacPherson struts and rear with multi-link design. According to the technical characteristics of the car is perfectly controlled on any type of road surface.


And now this beauty is available for rent at Alin!


Still in doubt? Try and feel the legendary comfort of the famous BMW, which has survived through the centuries.

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