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Kharkiv is one of the largest cities in Ukraine, which is almost 4 hundred years old. It is the largest transport hub, industrial, educational and cultural center of the country with constant dynamics and a million tourists every day. Renting a car in a huge city is a serious step towards comfort and saving your time, which is why the car rental service in Kharkiv has become so popular and relevant. So, let's go into a little more detail.

Briefly about the main thing

Apparently, each of us has thought about renting a car, but among the huge number of rental companies, millions of sites, and applications, it is difficult to choose the best. But, you are lucky and here you are!

So, car rental in Kharkiv from Alin is:

- high level of transport service

- accessible and clear car rental conditions

- customer focus

- favorable terms of cooperation

- free choice of the client during all rent (car model, time of rent, method of payment, additional services)

- loyalty program


Why do you need a car rental in Kharkiv?

Every potential customer comes to the rental company for quite different reasons. Some people do not like to travel by public transport, some people are planning a long trip, but do not have their own car, some want to test the car before buying. People who do business also become regular customers of car rental in Kharkiv, because the car rental is a great idea to save your time and money. Yes, that's how savings are at the heart of the rental business. Also, I would like to emphasize that from the moment you get behind the wheel of your newly built car, we drive it as our own. You build your own route, depending on your desires, control fuel costs, etc. You have the opportunity to travel both in Kharkiv and abroad, for a meeting or vacation, business, or just a meeting with friends. The rental car is a comfortable, convenient, and affordable option, even compared to taxi services.

What do you need to rent a car in Alin?

When using car rental services in Kharkiv you have to meet only a few criteria:

- the age of the driver must be not less than 23 years, and driving experience from 2 years

- the presence of a passport, civil or foreign;

- identification code (if you are a citizen of Ukraine);

- driver's license.

Payment for rental services

Payment for the service in the city of Kharkiv is made in any way convenient for you. Alin allows cash and non-cash payment options.

How to order a rental service?

You can order a car rental in Kharkiv by paying for it in cash at the rental office, paying by bank card or transferring funds non-cash.

If you are unable to pick up your car at the point, Alin has a great delivery service - and the car will be waiting for you at the right address! Alin cars are always issued in a clean, proper condition and with a full tank of fuel.

Take advantage of Alin car rental services in Kharkiv and get:

- a large selection of cars of different classes, brands, and models not older than 3 years;

- convenient procedure for processing documents;

- round-the-clock service and support;

- flexible approach to the most demanding customers.

Car rental in Kharkiv: convenient delivery

That's right, Alin offers a unique car delivery service to any point convenient for you. Moreover, the company has a car rental service available in another city. That is, renting a car in Kharkiv, for example, you can easily return it in Kyiv, Lviv, or Ivano-Frankivsk. It is for your convenience and comfort that Alin only rents new cars, most of which have just left the showroom.

Why rent a car in Kharkiv?

A rented car can be an indispensable assistant in many cases and become a reliable companion in solving many issues, such as:

- business trip, business trip !;

- meeting of important, dear guests, business partners;

- solemn event (wedding, anniversary, baptism, birthday);

travel, tourist trip;

- excursion by bus to historical places, castles, resorts;

- transfer to the airport/train station and back;

- replacement of your own car if it is under repair.

Choose comfort and book a car rental in Kharkiv from Alin now!