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Оренда авто Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla







This model has been produced for half a century.


As much as 50 years! Many companies only dream of living to that age, and Corolla not only lasted in the market and withstood 11 generations of restarts, but also was in great demand.


And now this beauty is available for rent at Alin!


Toyota Corolla is a proven choice of 43 million  autolovers. A record among cars of all times and peoples! Exactly as many copies of this model have been sold since 1966. Today, one new Toyota Corolla is sold every 40 seconds in the world.


Toyota Corolla is produced in 15 countries and sold in 150 countries on all continents. It is no coincidence that the Toyota Corolla twice entered the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling model in the world.


While you read this post, someone bought a Toyota Corolla!


Try the choice of millions on Ukrainian roads, book a car and choose the best together with Alin!


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