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Enjoy winter even in April





He-e-e-ey friends.

We are sure that each of you has a window at home, so it makes no sense to sound the alarm and shock you with news about the snow in April.

Especially for those who did not have time to enjoy the winter landscapes, organize a romantic date in the snowy meadow or plan an unforgettable weekend somewhere on the slopes of the Carpathians, Alin is happy to provide you with this opportunity.

Snow in April is not an anomaly at all and you should not be disappointed. Remember the warm trips by car with loved ones, delicious cocoa among the deserted streets and unforgettable emotions that gave us winter evenings.

This is a great opportunity to return to a completely different time of year, brew your favorite tea in a thermos, dial a room and rent a car from Alin, which will be a reliable friend and will be able to fully enjoy the snowy days.

Enjoy the beauty that friends are around and be careful on the roads.

Yours sincerely, Alin.

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